Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Casino Prep for Kids?

Now first let me say...I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade.  It just came to me, like an epiphany!

We're getting ready to begin school.  Everybody in my house.  My husband returns to work today (he's a high school teacher) and my children and I are beginning our first day of home school (though next week is more like our official start).  So my husband gathers the family and he wants to take us to Chuck E. Cheese!

I don't want to go, but I know how much my children love it.  Plus, my husband throws in there that we are only going to stay for about an hour, until our tokens are gone.  We are not going to eat there.

I digress just a little.  In the past, we used to love to eat at Chuck E. Cheese.  Pizza is one of our favorite foods.  But every time we went, my children would get sick.  No kidding!  We tried to eat first and then play...they still got sick.  We washed our hands extra "good"...they still got sick.  So needless to say...we just don't eat there anymore.

So my children are happy, "Yeah, Chuck E. Cheese!"  Our last little hurrah before "school" begins.  They get their tokens and even my little two year old is excited.

My about to be eleven year old son is off.  The two year old goes with my husband.  And I get to be "security" for my older daughter who will be eight in December.

She's playing games that will get her some tickets.  She's not quite as skilled as my son so she's trying to see what she wants to play.  I join in with "skee ball," only to realize the one we're on is broken.  We play another skee ball game on one that works better.

Then we get to this new game - "Slap It!"  I mean, we literally have to wait until we see the highest numbers and then hit the button when it comes out so we can get as many tickets as we can.  Well, she misses on the first try (only six tickets...you can get up to 35 tickets!)  And of course, she wants to play again.  This time she gets about six more.  My seven year old is the kind of child where two times is enough and then she's moving on, especially if her luck is not good.

That's when it came to me!  I look at all of the flashing lights, all of these games where you are trying to win as many tickets as possible.  All of these games of chance.  And just like "Lays," betcha' can't play just one.  Of course these games have some skills involved, but ultimately it is a breeding ground for casino fun and gambling.  The good thing is these are children and parents are funding them so when the tokens are gone they are gone.

Will we ever go back?  Sure.  It' s not that serious, but definitely something to ponder.  And I constantly communicate with my children, so any unfavorable behavior we will discuss and correct.  It just made me think...Wow!!!  Don't think marketers are unaware, because it is a business.  And Chuck E. Cheese stays  packed!

What do you think?

Peace and Blessings!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Gave Birth to Another Baby!!!!

OMG!!! About a week ago...I was at the "threshold of death." Seriously...and I did not want to push...but then somebody yelled...ooh, I see the head Niambi and I mustered up some energy from within to "push" one more time...and the baby was born...I ripped a little...but the baby was born...and healthy and sooooo cute...

Naaah ya'll...I am still a mother of only three...but I tell you...finishing my latest project - a children's Black History DVD entitled "Our Story Volume One" - was just like giving birth.

And now, I am recovering and up late...constantly nursing "her" so she can thrive...

If you have every given birth physically, then you know what I am talking about...just when you feel like you can push no more...God Gives you the strength to keep on pushing...And I did...check out my newest baby at my website...You can even get a peek at how beautiful she is by clicking on "Red, Black, and Green," - under the video tab at www.NiambisHouse.com

Check her out...Yes...I am a proud mother of a beautiful baby called "Our Story Volume One!" You will soon be able to take "Our Story Volume One" home with you.

Thanks for your support!!!

Ooooweeeee! I forgot about modern technology....here's a sneak peek of her:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Put On Your Oxygen Mask First!

This has been discussed time and time again...on one of friend's blog in fact. And still, it resonates as if I have never been introduced to the concept. I first heard this statement when I was younger with no children and I, like so many others, was like, "what? don't save the children first?..." Well of course, I understand more now. In order to save your child, you have to be...well, alive...So many times, I proudly state how I am taking time for me...I am making myself a priority...but somewhere along the lines...the whole "self-denial for others" runs so deep (like the "Willie Lynch Syndrome") that it rears its ugly head time and time again.

Can I please learn this lesson?...wait, can I please learn how to truly love myself first. That is what it comes down to. What does "a mother's work is never done" really mean? All too often, it is like a badge of honor to always be busy doing something. I have no problem sacrificing for my children...I love them...but there is a fine line if I am not careful. Even as I type I am slightly conflicted. "A mother's work is never done," but who said we have to do it all in one day? There's like this unofficial medal we maintain wearing by being this busy, busy, busy, busy...did I say busy?...mother.

How...how do you put on your oxygen mask first?! If it "takes a village to raise a child," then it has to take a village to support that mother in raising that child. Give me some love and some good advice.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Preacher's Kid

I just sent an email to one of my Aunts. She's very active in the struggle...and if you have to ask what the struggle is...hmmmmm...that's another blog (smile).

But in a nutshell, she fights on behalf of the innocent, who have never truly been found guilty. She stands by those who have been treated unjustly. She works tirelessly in the community to help make this world a better place for all. Well, that's my Aunt Jamala who is the chair for the Organization for Black Struggle (OBS).

So why the title, "The Preacher's Kid?" Well, I certainly didn't grow up in a religious family - although before my father met my mother he was about to become a Catholic priest. The first time I visited a church - my mother kissed us goodbye and quickly ran back because she wanted to give me eleven cents. "What's this for?" I humbly asked. "Put it in the collection basket," she replied. My response - "You have to pay to go to church?" So there, didn't grow up in a religious family. So again, why the title, "The Preacher's Kid?"

Well, usually the preacher's kid is the one "messing up." They are usually the ones who go astray. Now no judgment. It is actually a fact. Maybe the preachers were too busy to reach their own household with the message. Maybe the preacher's kid saw the flaws of the preacher and lost faith. There could be many reasons why. I would love to know what you think...but back to me...

I grew up in a "Black Nationalist" household. Love your Black heritage. Power to the people. Be proud to be Black. We learned so much about Black pride. We loved watching "Black Music Videos." We loved watching "Star Search," and would simply root for the Black people to win. We were part of the youth organization, OBS Youth Group (later to become Youth Council for Positive Development), and we were proud to be Black. Did I mention we were proud to be Black? (smile)

But what happened in my household? You would think that we would become the chief helpers in the struggle for the freedom of Black people or for those treated unjustly. Out of the five of us who grew up in our household... one is a proud father and successful bartender...one is a member of the Nation of Islam...one is a founder of her own marketing company...one is a vegan health consultant......and one is in and out of jail - fighting a drug habit. What happened?

Four of us are doing something positive with our lives and greatly affecting others' lives with our works...but none of us are truly principally involved in our parent's organization, fighting for the freedom of our people - marching in rallies...writing letters on behalf of Reggie Clemons...speaking about all of these issues that affect our people. What happened? Are we the "preacher's kids?"

I couldn't help but wonder why "the preacher's kid" is the one who most times go astray from his father's work. Our parents were far from saints and we surely saw and witnessed firsthand their many flaws. So now, it's really unfair for me to speak for the other four...so let's just deal with me.

Why am I so uninvolved? Now, I'm getting better...but I know that a huge part of my struggle is and has been...viewing the flaws and sometimes hypocrisy from the very people who are running an organization. Now don't mistake my honesty for a contempt, because the very people with whom I struggle....I truly love and respect them...and know that we are family. But I also know that I must get over the "let down," especially since I know it's unfair to judge (I am a parent now.) But as unfair as it is...it is still hard for me to let go. No, I am far from perfect...but I am just being in this moment trying to understand myself and why I am unable to act to the fullest of my being in the struggle.

Are you feeling me? I really am studying this to better study myself. Is it just a part of life? Or can we truly raise a family full of children who will follow our works? How will they receive my flaws and acts of hypocrisy?

What do you think?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad?

We live our lives we follow rules...we do as we're told...to become good tools...for whom?
We learn religion...we learn politics...but I just gotta say...I'm kinda sick...of whom?
Everybody I read about, hear about, learn about, come to think about it...every great person was and is surrounded by controversy.
They went against the grain...they were anything but plain...so why again I am walking this tight line...is the question that remains.
It makes me think, it makes we wonder...what spell am I constantly under, that I for a second doubt my beauty...dictated by the clothes I wear...whether or not I cover my hair...everything is real baby...can you get the feel baby of what I'm saying.
Just going with the flow today...tomorrow may get another play...I'm a good girl 'til the end, but just had to ask the question my friend...how good is a good girl or how good can a good girl be if she will ever be GREAT?!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proud to be Selfish!?

Being selfish is relative...and lately, I have been relatively selfish. It's like this fine line! But isn't that how life is...full of fine lines?

I think the lines are so fine because of what is relative. I was reading in this book, "The Blessing of a Skinned Knee," and I found a resounding comment. I'm going off the top of my head so bear with me...in one instance we (as individuals) are very special...unique...and on the other hand we are but a speck of dust.

This also brings me to one of my college courses where my instructor commented on how sometimes you have to take "give and take marbles" from children. I know it might be confusing, but the whole point is "checks and balances."

Sometimes we think too little of ourselves and sometimes we think too much of ourselves...and well the selfish I am proud to indulge in is thinking a little more of myself because I have had far too long for thinking too little of myself. Thing is...oft times nobody but you knows this, so you come off as cruel...so you have to trust they'll see in time.

But it's the fine lines that keep us humble...and humility is the key to so much!

So yes, I am proud to be selfish. What about you?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Should you stand alone?

Sometimes, in life, you will have to make an awesome and most times very hard decision to stand alone. I don't want to go into detail, because I have respect for whom I write. Suffice to say, that we all face a fork in the road and have to make a tough decision to disagree with the ones we love the most. But how? How do you stand alone?...with the ones you love most? What do you say or don't say? How do you respect them when your very disagreement is seen as a disrespect? How do you stand alone, without looking arrogant, or nonchalant?